GPSpeak is a publication of the Northern Rivers General Practice Network, a support organisation for the general practices of the Far North Coast of NSW, Australia. 

GPSpeak is published quarterly at the start of each season. Articles are published to the web on a continual basis. Newsletter containing the latest articles are sent to subscribers once or twice monthly. 

All content in GPSpeak, unless stated otherwise, is licensed Creative Commons, Attribution Share-Alike.  

The Northern Rivers Division of General Practice was formed in 1993 in response to a Federal government initiative to provide support organisations to Australian general practices. It changed its name to the Northern Rivers General Practice Network in February 2007 to reflect its broader role in communicating and supporting practices. 

It lost its government funding in April 2012, as part of then Labor government's shift from Divisions of General Practice to Medicare Locals.

The Network covers an area from Ocean Shores in the north, to Maclean in the south and from the coast westward to the foothills of the Great Dividing Range. There are approximately 200 members including active and retired doctors and doctors in training.

The Network has close links with the North Coast Primary Health Network and prior to that with the North Coast (NSW) Medicare Local. It also supports the Richmond Valley Clinical Society, an organisation that provides continuing medical education to the region's general practitioners and specialists.

The registered offices are:

Northern Rivers General Practice Network
ABN: 23 062 273 036
PO Box 106
Lismore, NSW, 2480

Street address:
Northern Rivers General Practice Network
31 Keen Street
Lismore, NSW, 2480

Our email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The logo of the Network is the Richmond Bird Wing butterfly, ornithoptera richmondia, and although an endangered species can still be seen in Northern Rivers region. Conservation of this butterfly is very much dependent on the preservation and planting of the birdwing vine which provides the essential habitat for this butterfly's survival.